Metal Retrofit

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Metal roofing systems, though strong, durable, and long-lasting, eventually need either retrofitting or replacement.  VM Commercial Roofing specializes in metal roof retrofit solutions.

Generally, it is recommended that any retrofit to your existing metal roofing system consist of a low-profile, light-weight system, as many buildings were originally structured to deal with the light-weight metal roof.  Weights of less than 3 pounds per square foot are best.

There are 2 primary ways to retrofit your existing metal roof.  They are by overlaying with metal or overlaying with a single-ply membrane.  The skilled technicians of VM Commercial Roofing are highly trained in both installation solutions.

Metal Overlay

Depending on your commercial building’s structural design and integrity, laying an additional light-weight metal roofing system over the existing metal roofing system may be an option.

There are 3 ways in which a metal overlay retrofit can be done on your existing metal roofing system.  They are:

  1. High Clip System
  2. Roof Hugger System
  3. Metal on Metal Layover

Each system has its own benefits and drawbacks.

High Clip System

The High Clip retrofit system works specifically with standing seam metal roofing panels.  Clips are attached to the seams of the panels, with the new metal panels connected to the clips.  This system allows for space between the existing metal roofing and the new overlay, and can be filled with insulation, or vented to allow for air flow and moisture evaporation.

Roof Hugger System

The Roof Hugger system consists of sub-purlin in 10 to 12-foot lengths.  Made of 16-gauge steel, these purlins are notched and installed directly on the existing purlins of your current metal roofing system.  Again, this leaves a space between the existing system and the overlay, which may be filled with insulation for improved energy efficiency or left open for air flow and moisture evaporation.

Metal on Metal Layover

The least expensive of the metal overlays is the metal on metal layover system.  Basically, you are laying a new layer of screw down metal panels directly on top of your existing metal system.  There is no space between the two layers.

Single-ply Retrofit

The second option is to overlay your existing metal roofing system with a single-ply membrane solution.  Single-ply membranes offer key benefits to your commercial roof.  Those benefits include:

  • Ease of Installation.  Installation is quick, easy, and comparatively quiet. This reduces potential downtime for your business as the retrofit is accomplished.
  • Cost.  Single-ply membrane retrofit is generally significantly less expensive than the metal overlay solution.
  • Seamless.  Seams are your roof’s highest point of failure.  By eliminating seams and making a single-ply, seamless membrane, that failure risk is significantly reduced, increasing the level of protection to your roofing structure.

Single-ply membranes come in 3 primary types:

  1. EPDM
  2. PVC
  3. TPO

Like the metal overlay solutions, each has its own benefits, limitations, and drawbacks.  Determining which system is best for your commercial building depends on many different factors.  Call the experienced professionals at VM Commercial Roofing today at 937-742-4577 to schedule a consultation.  Our team will assess your current roofing system situation and make recommendations that fit both your building needs and business budget.