Dayton, OH

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Dayton, OH has a fascinating history.  Initially founded on April 1, 1796, the original 12 settlers were known as the “Thompson Party”. Dayton is named after Jonathan Dayton, a landowner in the area who was a Captain in the Revolutionary War and signed the U.S. Constitution.

Innovation and forward thinking have always been the hallmark for Dayton.  The illustrious list of patents and inventions credited to the area include research and development of the airplane by the Wright Brothers, development of the first mechanical cash register, and development of the hydraulic pump.

Modern-day Dayton continues to impress with its wide variety of attractions and things to do.  When we’re in Dayton, some of the favorite activities of the VM Commercial Roofing team and their families are:

  • Museums.  Due to its rich history, Dayton has some premiere museums to visit.  Our favorites include the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force, the Boonshoft Museum of Discovery, National Aviation Hall of Fame and the Wright Cycle Company Complex.
  • History. If you’re looking for a more outdoors focused historical location, we can’t recommend Carillon Historical Park highly enough.  This world class park offers a glimpse into the history of not only the Dayton area, but the lifestyle of the entire area.
  • Shopping.  Visiting the 2nd Street Village and Antiques Village is a great way to spend the day, enjoy the weather and see the sights.

Here When You Need Us

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