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Safety is important whether you’re a roofing contractor,  commercial building owner, or property manager.  Safety on our worksites translates directly into safety at your commercial roofing job.

We thought we’d take this opportunity to address how we manage safety on our worksites, so you have a thorough understanding of what to expect when you work with VM Commercial Roofing.

Safety First!

Our skilled technicians are the most important facet of our organization.  Without them, even the best quality materials don’t stand a chance of doing the job to protect your commercial building.

With that knowledge first and foremost in our minds, the management team at VM Commercial Roofing has implemented the following safety features.

OSHA.  Being OSHA compliant is truly a no-brainer.  OSHA has put requirements in place to help prevent falls, reduce risk of injury caused by demolition, properly manage staging materials, and institute training requirements, among many others.  VM Commercial Roofing is proud  to support their team by complying with all OSHA guidelines and requirements.

Training.  Our skilled technicians regularly attend training events.  These events may cover new materials and techniques or other primary topics, but each and every one of them have a safety component built directly into the training information.

Meetings.  To further underscore our commitment to safety, safety specific meetings are scheduled on a regular basis.  Concerns, tips, and suggestions for improvement are freely discussed and, where appropriate, implemented into our safety program.

Equipment.  We inspect all equipment on a scheduled basis, as well as at the beginning of each job, the beginning of each workday.   We will NEVER use equipment that is defective, in need of maintenance, or that fails to meet our rigorous safety standards.

Benefits to You

How does our culture of safety benefit you?  There are some key areas that directly impact you and your commercial building.

Safety.  Our safety measures increase the safety to your staff and customers before, during and after the job.  We protect our materials staging area prior to the beginning of the job. During the course of the work itself, we work diligently to ensure our personnel and the materials they are using are safely secured.  Finally, once the job is complete, we conduct a thorough clean-up of the area, ensuring no remnant of the task remains, except that beautiful new roofing system.

Cost.  By encouraging a safety mindset, we decrease accidents and in turn, decrease our own insurance costs.  With reduced overhead, we can pass those savings on to you, in the form of reduced roofing costs.

Time.  Accidents take time.  If this occurs during your commercial roofing job, that is time taken away from completion of that job.  A safe jobsite is a jobsite that runs more efficiently and is completed in a more timely fashion.

Professionalism.  If we take safety this seriously, you can be assured we take doing the job on your commercial roofing system just as seriously.  A professional company is professional in all aspects.  That level of professionalism is what you expect and what you will get with VM Commercial Roofing.

Don’t just take our word for it.  Call the expert team at VM Commercial Roofing, 937-742-4577 today.  Sit down with us and see for yourselves the difference true professionalism makes.  We look forward to meeting with you soon.