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The roof over your head not only serves to protect you, it also represents one of your company’s biggest investments.  When a repair is necessary, you need to know who you can trust to do the job professionally, quickly, and honestly.  VM Commercial Roofing is your best choice.

Working only with premiere manufactures, you know you’ll get the finest quality materials, coupled with highly trained, skilled technicians to ensure a professional, quality installation.

VM Commercial Roofing offers roofing repair services in these areas:

  • EPDM
  • TPO
  • PVC
  • Metal roofs

As a full-service company, VM Commercial Roofing can handle any situation your roofing system may provide.

Signs Your Roof Needs Repair

If your roof is leaking, you need a repair!  Some of the less obvious signs, if heeded, can be the difference between repair and replacement.

  • Bubbling or Blistering.  Frequently caused by poor installation, bubbles or blisters in the roofing system are generally the result of moisture trapped under the roofing materials.
  • Ponding or Standing water.  Caused by inconsistencies in your roofing system application or unidentified/unremedied issues with the substructure, ponding water is an area of immediate concern.
  • Separated Seams.  The presence of separated seams is a flashing red light.  Seams are the biggest area of risk in a roofing system.  Separation of those seams offers moisture a way to get into the system and wreak havoc.
  • Sagging Roof.  If any portion of your roof is sagging, call VM Commercial Roofing right away!  From minor repair to full replacement, this is not a sign you can afford to ignore.

This is not an all-inclusive list, but only a few generalizations for you to look for.  When examining your roofing system, anything that looks unusual or out of the ordinary warrants a call to VM Commercial Roofing.  With your roofing system, better safe than sorry is always the best way to go.

Flat Roof Repair

Flat roofs systems tend to be less expensive than other systems, but they do come with their own challenges and common problems.

  • General Weathering.  All materials are subject to breakdown over time.  They require upkeep, maintenance and repair.  Maintaining your roofing system in a timely fashion is the key to reducing this particular issue.
  • Thermal Shock.  With rapidly changing heat and/or cold, the roofing materials may quickly contract or expand.  This may lead to buckling, warping, cracking or other damage and, ultimately, system failure.
  • Ponding Water. Lacking a slope, water can accumulate or “pond” in certain areas.  Over time, this ponding effect may lead to breakdown of the roofing material and roofing leakage.
  • Poor Sealing.  Any material is only as good as the installation it receives.  Poor installation, whether during initial installation or subsequent repairs/sealing, may lead to material breakdown and/or failure.

VM Commercial Roofing are experts in flat roof repair.  Working with modified bitumen, BUR, EPDM, TPO, or PVC, we will get that flat roof repaired quickly and professionally.  Call VM Commercial Roofing today at (937) 742-4577 to schedule a consultation.

Metal Roof Repair

Metal roof systems are known for their durability and longevity.  However, these systems also have certain problems and failure tendencies:

  • Leaks. Time and age can cause leaks to develop.  Even if the system was well sealed on installation, simple weather and time can cause those leaks to occur. With their multiple seams and screws, leakage development is a common issue with metal roofing systems.
  • Seams.  The seams may begin to come apart and fail.  Without proper repair and sealing, this will lead to leakage and potential water damage.
  •  Flashing.  Flashing can lift or separate.  This allows for the potential for water seepage into the system and, ultimately, for leaks to occur.
  • Oxidation.  The nature of the materials, over time, will inevitably lead to oxidation.  If unchecked, oxidation will ultimately lead to a failure of the roofing system.
  •  Panel damage.  Wind, hail, and other exterior factors can lead to damaged panels and a potential catastrophic roof failure.

VM Commercial Roofing prides itself on our experience and unsurpassed level of professionalism in the repair of metal roof systems. 

Regardless of the type of existing roofing system, VM Commercial Roofing is available to correct the situation.  Please, give us a call today at 937-742-4577 to schedule your consultation.