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Sometimes a simple repair isn’t sufficient, yet replacement of the entire roofing system is unnecessary.  Restoration of your existing roofing system is the answer.  Less expensive than replacement, restoration allows for extensive correction of a failing, old, or insufficient roofing system, while maintaining the structural integrity of the roofing structure.  Not to mention, it is significantly less expensive than a full replacement.

VM Commercial Roofing offers current restoration technologies which allow us to extend the life of your roofing structure while improving its overall energy efficiency.  This combination allows you to maximize your investment dollars and save money over time.

VM Commercial Roofing offers restoration services in both flat and metal roof structures.

Flat Roof Restoration

VM Commercial Roofing specializes in roofing coating systems that are known for both their high quality and ENERGY STAR® rating. These systems work extremely well on existing flat roof materials such as EPDM, PVC, TPO, smooth BUR, modified bitumen, and more.   These high-performance systems have been proven offer the following benefits:

  •  Reduce energy consumption.
  •  Withstand ponding water.
  • Extend roof life.
  • Stop leaks.
  • Cost less than conventional roof replacement.

Choosing the right solution for a flat roof can be complicated because there are many flat roof restoration options available and your building may have its own unique set of requirements. Not to worry. An expert VM Commercial Roofing professional will spend the time and effort to help you decide what’s best for you based on your investment objectives, location, aesthetics, usage and other decision-making factors.  Call VM Commercial Roofing at 937-742-4577 to schedule your initial consultation.

Metal Roof Replacement Alternative

VM Commercial Roofing offers a metal restoration system (using long-lasting roof coatings via a multi-step installation process that includes seam reinforcement with fabric), affording the following advantages over the traditional metal roof replacement option:

  • Add years to the life of your existing roof.  Metal roof restoration systems are designed to withstand UV rays, severe weather, and environmental damage, all while providing excellent resistance to discoloration, oxidation, and decay.
  • Little to no tear off, reducing time and expense.  Plus, your business operations are unaffected.
  • Reflecting up to 85% of the sun’s rays, you can see annual savings over 30% on your air conditioning costs.
  • In some cases, these restoration systems are ENERGY STAR® certified.
  • Recognized by all major code approval agencies.

When considering restoration of your existing commercial or industrial roofing system, selecting the best contractor is key. Call VM Commercial Roofing at 937-742-4577 We’ll schedule a consultation and our skilled professionals will assess your existing roofing system and recommend the solutions that best fit your building, business and budget.