Full-Service Roofing

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What exactly does “Full-Service Roofing” mean?  Commercial roofing companies offer a lot of different services, from simple repairs to inspections, maintenance, and full tear off and replacement options.  VM Commercial Roofing wants you to know we can handle any level of roofing job that your business needs done.

As the premiere commercial roofing contractor in the state of Ohio, we proudly serve Hamilton, Mason, Dayton, Springboro, Centerville, Middletown and other surrounding areas. Some of our services include:

  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Repairs
  • Restorations
  • Single-ply
  • Inspection
  • Sheet Metal
  • Emergency Services
  • Metal Retrofit

At VM Commercial Roofing, “full-service roofing” means exactly that.  Our “services” not only involve the type of work we do, but the type of customer service you will receive.  “Always there for you” is our corporate culture.  For the people at VM Commercial Roofing, those aren’t just words, they are the guiding force behind every action we take.

Repairs, Restorations, Replacement

Your commercial roof represents a sizable investment and we recognize that fact.  VM Commercial Roofing is here to protect and maintain that investment and keep it in peak condition.  Whether a simple repair, large restoration, or even a full tear off and replacement, VM Commercial Roofing brings highly skilled technicians using only the finest systems available.

We all know “green” is the current focus in both personal and business worlds.  One significant aspect of “green” is reducing waste.  Whether that is waste of resources or waste of a perfectly salvageable roofing system, the concept is the same.  Using what you already have, assuming it is structurally sound, is not only a good plan fiscally, but also a good plan environmentally.

Preventative Maintenance & Inspections

Part of good business practice is utilizing your resources appropriately.  In this instance, we are talking about your roof.  Routine inspections coupled with good preventative maintenance is key to ensuring your commercial roofing system remains in peak operating condition, and ensures the highest possible return on your roofing investment.

VM Commercial Roofing offers custom designed inspection and preventative maintenance programs.  Your program will identify issues BEFORE they become bigger issues. It can also help keep your roofing warranty in full effect, maintain the integrity of your roofing system, and help protect the business you’ve worked so hard to build.  All this plus a significant cost savings over time.

VM Commercial Roofing is based on a single business tenet – “Always there for you”.  That is the underlying promise behind every job we do and every client we serve.  Call VM Commercial Roofing today at 937-742-4577 and we’ll show you exactly what full-service roofing is all about.